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“If you want to know the path, ask the ones coming back” (Chinese proverb)

In the 21st century it is completely natural that if you don’t have sufficient information on something, you simply take advantage of the options offered by technology and search for it on the internet. Also, it is commonplace that we plan our route using a navigation device, which will then continuously provide us instructions on the best way to reach our destination. The abundance of information on the internet can also help operators of the economy and businesses; nowadays, enterprises could not operate well without it.
However, there are areas of life (including economic activities) on which the internet cannot offer clear, relevant and universally valid information. These are humane factors, like the quality of personal relationships, the reliability and authenticity of data, as well as many other factors that play a very important role in the life of businessmen and enterprises thinking with responsibility in making their business decisions. This pool of information can only be obtained through experience, which, to be honest, always implies the danger of making wrong decisions and might be very risky as well. Our goal with the work we do is to minimize this risk, so that your business can thrive!

The mission of MZK Consulting is to establish and manage business relations between Hungarian and Asian businesses.

In line with international economic and financial trends, 4 years ago we made the first step on the path towards the East, which is undeniably very attractive, but holds many mysteries and dangers for anyone without the necessary experience. As a result of several trips of “ten thousand miles”, we gained invaluable information and personal relationships in Hong Kong, China, Macau, India, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam that are essential if one is to start a successful venture in Asia.

“Even the journey of ten thousand miles starts with one step” (Chinese proverb)

Make a good decision before taking the first step!
Choose us to be your navigators throughout this long journey!
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Organizational structure planning


Building business in Asia


Company registration and management


Mr. Zoltan Marczali

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Mr. Zoltan Kiss

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